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History of Bellaria Igea Marina
bellariaBellaria Igea Marina has a long history, as attested by archaeological Roman relics in its territory, churches and the solid foundation of the ancient Saracen Tower which is the architectural symbol of the city and tells of raids by Turkish pirates a long time ago. The history of Bellaria Igea Marina was written by the humble work of its people: sailors, fishermen and farmers and the gentle passing of the same seasons, lived in the care of the earth and the hard life at sea. At the end of the last century when the “fashion of the bathrooms and the therapeutic virtues of sea water and air” became known in Europe, Bellaria Igea Marina was discovered by the rich burghers of the great northern cities, who chose this place for their holidays. So they built elegant villas with an architectural style similar to medieval castles, Swiss chalets and buildings designed according to architectural and decorative styles of the new Nouveau Art. Then the locals began to establish the series of activities ranging from the construction of accommodation facilities to management services, necessary to the practice of bathing in the sea that became the main economic resource over the years. The vacation industry was born, which rewarded the industriousness and entrepreneurial skills of the inhabitants of Bellaria Igea Marina with a well up to now unknown wealth.

The history of the resort of Bellaria Igea Marina is very similar to that of the whole Romagna, but with some important differences. The growth-oriented “city holiday” planning has maintained the specific origins and the value of that place.

Bellaria Igea Marina still conserves its mild climate and the serenity of life of the small town, which has been safeguarded and protected. In this particular quality of life we recognise the cause of Bellaria’s fortune. The long low and warm coastline, lost to the horizon, fringed by dunes shaded by tamarisks and its wild nature, these were the attractions of Bellaria Igea Marina that have fascinated the pioneers of tourism of the late nineteenth century. And up to now those who choose Bellaria Igea Marina for their holidays, choose first a heaven where fun and relaxation are a perfect combination; the sun, the sea and the lush green hinterland are well mixed in an urban setting that offers maximum comfort with no negative elements usually present in a city life.


Hotel Francesca via Pinzon 102, 47814 Bellaria Igea Marina (RN)
Tel. 0541.331442 Fax 0541.331145 e-mail:info@hotelfrancesca.it
P.IVA 02124860400

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By Car: take the Highway A14 exit North Rimini; continue in the direction of Bellaria Igea Marina. On the promenade before the beach resort  Romolo N. 64 you will find the hotel.
By Train: Line Rimini Ravenna, get off at Bellaria Station.
By Airplane: From Rimini 20 Km, from Bologna Km 100.