Serves 4

  • Parmesan cheese (as zala slightly spicy)
  • dry bread
  • four eggs
  • a bit of nutmeg


Not need the dough. The fundamental rule is that the dose of Parmesan cheese were more abundant than the breadcrumbs for greater palatability.
the dry bread crumbs, cheese mother and nutmeg. Everything was placed on the pastry: blended or mixed with eggs in order to obtain a very compact hard. The mother now took the mold (a tool riddled with two handles) and press firmly sull’impasto. Since coming out of the mold holes passatelli as many noodles, cut them with a knife at the base and the piled up on the board. And so until the end of the dough. Covered them with a cloth until the beef broth or chicken put in a pot over a fire burning well boil. Quickly discovered passatelli bailer and poured them into the boiling broth, and after eight or ten minutes of cooking, remove the pot from the stove and hook the chain decided to act with the dough in the bowl.
A sweet and delicate fragrance that rose from the bowl, I got into the nostrils and would sit at the table with a great desire to taste a soup so delicious and much apreciated.