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The Restaurant at the Hotel Francesca in Igea Marina is one of its strong points; it surprises its guests thanks to its international cuisine on the one hand, and to its local dishes of Romagna. In this way you will taste a refined traditional cuisine by rediscovering the tastes of our land.

The restaurant offers three menus with a choice of seafood every day, delicious buffet of appetizers, vegetables and fresh fruit. We pay particular attention to everything that leaves our kitchen, viewed directly by the Hotel owners. Would you like to enjoy the tastes and flavours of eating well that has always characterized Romagna? Come and visit us at one of our two Hotels, Francesca and Meritime Igea Marina …
The quality and authenticity of the cuisine together with an attentive service are our pride. Open from April to October, we will discover the tastes of our local cuisine: pasta, flat bread (piadina), fresh vegetables and desserts, everything strictly homemade.

The cuisine of the Hotel Francesca in Igea Marina is ready to surprise you with its creative dishes served in our large air-conditioned restaurant from our attentive staff. Three daily menus à la carte of pasta, meat and fish dishes, combine traditional dishes of Romagna with international recipes.
At your disposal you will find several tasty buffets of hot and cold appetizers, fresh vegetables, healthy salads, delicious desserts, seasonal fruits and many different flavours of ice cream.
Particular attention will be devoted to children’s menu:  our chef will take care of their delicious meals by preparing fresh daily vegetable soups, creamed vegetables, baby foods, pastries Plasmon mothers, already available in our Hotel Francesca. A tasty dinner with local dishes of our region will be a weekly appointment for our hotel guests: cold cuts with flatbread (piadina), specialties of grilled meat, garden vegetables, grandmother desserts, all enlivened by nice music and watered by our typical wine Albana di Romagna.

Between a cappuccino and Cheers …

Our Bar is a welcome meeting place to spend time, relaxing and tasting our refreshing drinks.

And here the recipes that you can taste at our Hotel Francesca.
cappelletti per brodoMix the ricotta in a bowl with other ingredients for the filling.
Prepare the pastry and then continuously kneaded until it is very smooth and homogeneous. read>>

Noodless Bolognese
tagliatellePlace on cutting the flour, make a hole in the middle and put the eggs and salt, mix everything by hand. When the mixture is very hard and compact read >>

passatelliNot need the dough. The fundamental rule is that the dose of Parmesan cheese were more abundant than the breadcrumbs for greater palatability. read >>

Bolognese Meatsauce
raguMelt the butter for about 2 minutes, then add chopped onion. carrot, celery and chopped bacon. Fry for a few minutes then add the chopped beef and chicken livers, let cook for several minutes and add the wine. read >>

besciamellaBring the milk to a boil, melt the butter in a saucepan and add flour, salt and pepper and a small amount of nutmeg. Gradually add hot milk and cook for about 10 .read >>

Grandma’s Donut
ciambellaMix all ingredients. In a large greased baking pan all over with butter, pour everything, sprinkle sugar here and there and put some butter and cook over medium heat.  Read>>

Zuppa Inglese
zuppa ingleseugar and flour by melting with a little ‘milk and, stirring constantly. Boil the remaining hot milk and add it gradually and cream that have previously prepared. Read >>

Apple Pie
torta di meleIMix all ingredients. In a large greased baking pan all over with butter, pour everything, sprinkle sugar here and there and put some  Read >>

Vin Brulè
vin brulePour into a saucepan a pint or two of dry red wine, add cinnamon, cloves, sugar what is necessary, peel and lemon juice and (if the wine was so sweet, a glass of Campari) boil for half an hour or little more. Read >>

Piadina Romagnola
piadinaThe flatbread is one of the most traditional recipes from Romagna. In the past it was cooked on hot coals “text”. Today, however, is cooked on an iron pan.Mix the flour with lard,  Read >>