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bambiniHotel Francesca, situated in a quiet area in Igea Marina, offers a fantastic program for children entertainment to enjoy moments of pure family fun in Bellaria Igea Marina. In our 3 stars hotel, we have thought of everything for the entertainment of your children; we have studied a weekly program of animation and entertainment involving both children and parents. Do not forget our cheapest package children for free!



 Monday Presentation evening activities, welcome party
Tuesday Evening music game
Wednesday Theme party
Thursday Evening game
Friday Farewell party and balloons for everyone: goodbye party
Saturday Baby Dance
Sunday Relax

During the evenings animators propose activities of face painting, baby dance, balloons, shows and games for all ages. Creative Workshops and group games are organised during the day. We plan theme weeks: medieval, circus, pirates, space, and so on. The Workshops will be so focused on the theme of the week: construction of costumes, shields, swords, rockets, decoration for the evenings.